At ASTORIOS, we provide advanced BESS for C&I projects. Our expertise extends to manufacturing innovative solutions, system integration, and supply chain excellence, ensuring full satisfaction to our customers.

Our customized, modular, cabinet, and containerized BESS products (from 40 kW to MW+) for C&I are perfectly suited to businesses in search of energy storage solutions that are both flexible and efficient.

Systems are engineered for easy deployment and integration, making them a perfect choice for various applications – self-consumption, backup and emergency power supply, peak shaving and valley filling, demand reduction and fuel saving, frequency modulation, and grid quality adjustment.

ASTORIOS Lithium Iron Phosphate BESS are equipped with advanced intelligent integrated systems including fire protection (detection and suppression), short circuit protection, liquid and air cooling, efficient space utilization, intrusion detection, communication, and monitoring interfaces. This integration not only enhances the safety of our energy storage solutions but also ensures they operate at peak efficiency, delivering unparalleled performance and reliability.

ASTORIOS recognizes the importance of intelligent energy management. That’s why our BESS are seamlessly integrated with advanced Energy Management Systems (EMS). This integration allows for sophisticated and high-level complexity management of energy resources, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

ASTORIOS BESS solutions integrate the following components (optional):

• Human Machine Interface (HMI)
• Energy Management Systems (EMS)
• Backup power sources management system (diesel generators, UPS)
• Power Conversion System (PCS)
• Static Transfer Switch (STS)
• State of Charge (SoC) monitoring
• State of Health (SoH) monitoring
• Controller Area Network (CAN) and RS485 standards compatibility
• Remote management and control (SCADA, Modbus, Ethernet)
• Electrical data monitoring and cloud storage system
• Temperature monitoring system
• Firefighting system
• Overvoltage, reverse current, short circuit, and other electrical protection systems

Quality is at the heart of everything we do at ASTORIOS. Our BESS are a testament to our commitment to premium quality. Engineered to handle high-complexity applications, our systems ensure reliability and longevity, meeting the demanding needs of commercial energy storage.